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Top tips on creating an inspiring workspace at home

by Monika Bürger

With most of the nation currently working from home, Natalia Miyar advises how to incorporate inspiring office space in the home to enhance productivity and output with a designer’s eye.

Interior architect and designer Natalia Miyar reveals her top tips on how to create an inspiring workspace at home. With the recent government announcement that everyone must work from home where possible, Natalia advises on how to carve out the best spaces from overlooked corners and the key elements that enhance a feeling of wellbeing and productivity.Modern colourful home

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‘As a designer, I am programmed to think laterally, our challenge is to address the functionality of a home as well as how it looks aesthetically,’ says Natalia. ‘A home working space should inspire creativity and productivity, and also utilize space in a practical way.’

The key aspects for creating a flexible yet inviting home office include maximizing space that may otherwise be overlooked; harnessing natural light and plants to bring the benefits of the outdoors in and choosing design pieces over conventional office furniture to reflect the style and personality of the homeowner.


‘This is an opportunity to transform space that feels underused and makes it into something both inviting and productive. A corner in a reception room or bedroom near to a window to provide good light in a task area is ideal. Bedroom spaces can often be quite than the general areas in the home, providing an oasis of calm,’ says Natalia.

Where space is limited, she suggests seeking out areas of the home that may have been neglected, yet are ideal for a bijoux home office. She recommends choosing slimline furniture to enhance the feeling of space and keeping the color palette consistent with the rest of the room so the workspace blends in with the look and feel of the room.

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Bedrooms are often overlooked as a good place for a desk but can have a multi-functional purpose. Natalia encourages making a workspace an enticing environment by creating an accessible layout and beautiful composition of items. Essentials include a stylish desk lamp, inspirational artwork, a small vase of flowers or a houseplant in a beautiful pot and a favorite scented candle. If the desk faces a wall, incorporating a mirror will increase the light and means that the desk-space can double up as both an efficient working area and a dressing table.

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‘Make the most of natural light by placing your workspace close to a window. A double-sided table/ desk by a window also gives the flexibility to look outside or into the room depending on mood’, says Natalia. Perspex and clear table legs ensure the look is kept clean and consistent with the glass window behind, creating a sense of space. Keep possessions on the table to a minimum, less is best in these spaces. Natalia advises positioning desk space close to windows to encourage healthy work patterns.

Natural light is proven to boost positivity and productivity. A recent study by Cornell University found that optimizing the amount of natural light in an office significantly improves health and wellness among workers, leading to increased productivity.

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By incorporating plants and flowers, Natalia ensures that space retains its freshness. She advocates indoor plants and flowers for their uplifting aesthetic value, as well as their visual connection to nature and also for their ability to purify the air. Natalia is often inspired by nature in her work and is a strong advocate of bringing the outdoors into our homes to reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought.

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‘Choose a desk you love to ensure your home office represents you and feels like your very own design statement. Feature bold prints and playful chair styles to represent your style and make it a creative space in which to spend your time,’ explains Natalia.

Workspace design is no different from anywhere else in the home and should reflect the homeowner’s personal narrative and include key inspirations, favourite design pieces and meaningful possessions.

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She recommends avoiding traditional office-based furniture and instead opting for pieces that represent how you wish to feel within a space. Of course, comfort should be a priority and Natalia suggests investing in a tailored chair that both looks stylish and provides ergonomic support for the body. This combination will provide the necessary day-to-day comfort and ensure that it is a place you wish to return to time and time again.

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