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Minimalist Room Paint Colors That Are Subtle but Still so Good

by Monika Bürger

Classic blue may be the 2020 color of the year, but let’s be honest. Minimalist room paint colors are still incredibly popular. If you’re at all a fan of minimalist design, you already know that. You don’t have to stick to white hues to keep that simple Scandi aesthetic, though.

Mary Maydan, the founder of minimal contemporary firm Maydan Architects, notes that “White is ideal in making [a] space feel bright and airy, emphasizing the purity of the design.”

If, however, you stray from the classic white look, keep the other elements in your space simple. You can have furniture or a curated selection of decor items, but try to avoid too much embellishment. Less is more. Consequently, while white is at the core of minimalist room paint colors, one cannot live by white alone.

Here’s a selection of our favorite minimalist room paint colors. They’re simple but so good.

1. Light Green

Minimalist room paint colors in bedroom with light green walls, white storage, and pink seat cushion
Image Credit: Avenue Lifestyle

Minimalist room paint colors can even feel playful. Take this little girl’s bedroom, for example. The light green on the lower wall contrasts with the white paint that’s used higher up. The result is calming and so sweet.

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2. Black or Very Dark Brown

black minimalist room paint colors in bathroom with gold light fixture
Image Credit: Molly Culver Photography for Mary Patton Design

Mary Patton, of Mary Patton Design, notes that “Even with minimal accent details in the room, a dark color can bring a clean and crisp feel to a small space just as well as a white or neutral shade can.” So it’s no wonder this bathroom feels minimal and luxe at the same time. Patton went with a deep, dark brown that reads black because of the low lighting. The dramatic, but still neutral, backdrop lets the accent light shine.

3. Crisp White

white minimalist room paint colors in bedroom with desk
Image Credit: Maydan Architects

This teenager’s bedroom incorporates age-appropriate color and design; those photographs offer the perfect amount of fun! But space itself remains minimalist. The crisp white paint helps highlight the room’s angles and shadows. And it makes the subtle desk and rug pop.

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4. Dusty Rose

pink minimalist room paint colors in kitchen with skylight
Image Credit: Nicole Franzen Photography for GRT Architects

With the right design, even a dusty pink can feel like an appropriate minimalist room paint color. Take this pink kitchen from GRT Architects. The cabinets are clad in a pink linoleum, and the opposing wall is Farrow & Ball Pink Ground. Both muted tones do well under the flood of the sun from the skylight above, softening the space without making it feel fussy. Millennial pink may be over but minimalist pink? Just beginning.

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5. Cream

loft with minimalist room paint colors and white staircase
Image Credit: Scenario Architecture

In this stunning, open plan live-work space, natural light bathes the interior. And in addition to the jaw-dropping architectural details, the wall colors feel special. They’re serene but not too harsh. To get similar warm energy, go for a creamy white minimalist room paint color.

6. Lavender or Soft Gray

Lavender minimalist room paint colors in bedroom with green linen bedding
Image Credit: Our Food Stories

Lavender isn’t exactly the first color you associate with minimalism. But when combined with hints of gray, it can work. The barely-there purple undertones add a certain softness to a gray bedroom. In this Berlin apartment, the paint plays wonderfully with the muted linen bedding and shadows, creating visual texture and embellishment even though the walls are mostly unadorned.

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7. Rich Green

Dark green minimalist room paint colors in bedroom with leather headboard
Image Credit: Lars Renek for Stillstars

This dramatic, dark bedroom proves that rich green or jewel-toned backdrops are as vital as white ones when it comes to minimalist room paint colors. They create the perfect sultry mood. Here, the darkly verdant paint color lets the leather headboard and simple bedside sconce shine.

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