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How to update your home for 2020, according to Farrow & Ball experts

by Monika Bürger
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We’re all going green for a cozy connection to nature inside our homes…

Adding a splash of paint to your walls is an easy and affordable way to update your home as we enter a new decade. But how to choose which shades to opt for? The Farrow & Ball paint trends 2020 are a great place to start looking for inspiration.

Joa Studholme, colour curator at Farrow & Ball has revealed how to create warm and inviting spaces that enrich the home this year, embracing the use of bolder and saturated colours to help you relax and feel comforted.

Green has become our go-to colour as we seek to be kinder to the planet and look to biophilia and a connection with nature to inform our interiors choices.

‘The most important aspect of using colour in 2020 is to create spaces that are warm and welcoming for our friends and family – colours that make us feel proud of our homes,’ says Joa. ‘Strong colours suit rooms we use at the end of the day when we want to relax and be comforted. And as we become increasingly environmentally aware, we crave a connection with the colours of nature, so deep Duck Green and earthy, organic Sap Green feel perfect for the home in 2020.’

Farrow & Ball paint trends 2020

Discover Joa’s top two colours to give your home a stylish update below.


Image credit: Farrow & Ball

Duck Green is strong and subdued, but achingly fashionable. While having an air of nostalgia, it is the perfect contemporary alternative to charcoal in modern homes and is ideal to create space in which to curl up at the end of the day. Incredibly chic by day, and cosy by night, it brings a grounded but luxurious atmosphere to any room. Try it with Light Gray on woodwork and Ash Grey on the ceiling for a truly timeless feel.


Image credit: Farrow & Ball

‘Earthy Sap Green, which reflects the colour of nature, has an organic feel that creates the perfect welcoming start to the journey through your home, so is perfect in small intimate halls,’ says Joa. ‘The richness of this irresistible colour will make all the rooms off it look bigger and lighter while bringing a little of the outside inside. Use it with Setting Plaster and Hay to create a delightful mid-century modern feel.’

She continued: ‘As we became more environmentally aware, green has become increasingly popular. Sap Green is a sober, olive green that adds modern-day glamour to any room while retaining a strong connection with nature. It has an unmistakably organic feel that brings a little of the outside world into your home and works perfectly with the natural materials and pot plants that we love to live with.’

Image credit: Farrow & Ball

‘Duck Green and Sap Green are colours that anchor our homes, remind us of our childhoods and indeed are perfect for family life. They are traditional but with a twist.’

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