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How to Create a Boho Meditation Nook

by Monika Bürger

Cultivating a meditation practice can reduce your anxiety, eliminate your insomnia, and even slow down aging — but there’s another benefit for the design-minded. Crafting your perfect boho meditation nook can be a contemplative process in itself: Do you prefer to sit or lie down while you meditate? How much decor is too much when you’re trying to focus your mind and energy? Use these 11 tips to create a meditation nook that helps you find zen.

1. Lay down on a day bed.

Meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting uncomfortably in a chair, palms facing heaven, waiting for calm to come. Let yourself relax on a modern leather daybed, like this tufted option with bolster. You’ll discover you can find peace and meaning much faster once you’re cozy.

2.  Light it up.

A calming glow can amplify your meditation practice. Himalayan salt lamps cleanse the air and can help soothe allergies. But even if you’re a little skeptical of their health benefits, these light-pink lamps will make a pretty addition to your den of zen.

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3. Pretend you’re hanging between the trees.

A hammock stretches across a wide window in a living room

Image Credit: Cakies

There’s nothing weird about hanging a hammock inside. And if you’re assembling the world’s most relaxing meditation nook ever, why wouldn’t you mimic the tropics? There are many hammock options that you can buy or you can DIY your own.

4. Tuck away inside a tent.

No, we’re not talking about the rough-and-tumble nylon tents you’d pitch in the woods. Nothing says zen more than a flowy, gauzy, dream-like canopy suspended from the ceiling (and, it’s a super-easy DIY.) Line the bottom with soft blankets and comfy pillows for a truly serene and relaxing experience.

5. Pare down.

Boho and minimalism don’t have to be at odds. Small bohemian details — like the shape of a plant or a single, funky piece of furniture — can provide enough atmosphere without distracting you from your primary objective: meditation.

6. Stay by the sun.

Take advantage of big, bright windows to create a sunny nook perfect for serenity. Layer colorful, patterned blankets to create a boho base and stack enough plush accent pillows to cushion your back when you’re reclining, deep in thought.

7. Hang a tapestry.

Tapestries bring a big burst of boho personality, but they’re not just for walls. Hung on the ceiling, these patterned fabrics create drama and atmosphere. Urban Outfitters has a large collection of bohemian-chic tapestries ( from $39 ), as does Society6 ( from $43.99 ).

8. Keep it green.

Plants cleanse the air, connect you to nature, and — let’s face it — just look pretty darn awesome. Fill your boho digs with plenty of greenery to turn your nook into a relaxation oasis.

9. Give your body and your mind a relaxing workout.

meditation corner
Image Credit: The Design Files

Why stop at calming your mind when your body can get in on the relaxing fun, too? Add a yoga mat to your meditation corner and find your center with a little Downward Facing Dog. Namaste.

10. Floor pillows are a must.

Floor pillows and boho-chic pretty much go hand-in-hand. Besides, after a few moments of deep reflection, you’ll be happy you splurged on a few oversize cushions.

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