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Home Office Style Ideas: Advice and Inspiration

by Monika Bürger

When it comes to home office style ideas, we’ve got plenty. From minimal to midcentury, there’s an interior aesthetic to suit everyone. And incorporating your own personality in your remote work area is incredibly important. In fact, our tips for setting up a home office might just be useful to you whether you’re working with a small space or starting from scratch. Here’s how to figure out the perfect look.

Minimal Home Office

minimal home office is best for those who get easily distracted at their desk. We’re not the only ones that find ourselves staring at the pretty decor, right? For a successful one, you’ll need to get clever with double-duty decor, your color palette, and material choices. Opt for a soft, chalky white to keep things from looking too stark alongside a minimal desk and a clever memo board for breezy inspiration.

Scandinavian Home Office

Scandinavian design (or Scandi style if you’re down with the lingo) is all about minimalism with a little bit of a softer edge. Think about a neutral color scheme — particularly white, gray, and beige — but try adding in softwood tones for more dimension. And don’t forget a sprinkle of plants and foliage. (Pro tip: Our hanging planter DIY would make the perfect addition.)

Boho Home Office

For those with a carefree aesthetic, a boho home office is an obvious choice. With nods to all things handmade, warm hues, and layered textures, bohemian life is all about expressing your creativity. You can keep it neutral with woven hangings and a mixture of boho furniture, or splash out with color by adding lots of greenery and geometric artwork.

Midcentury Modern Home Office

Home Office Style Ideas midcentury home office with dark decor and leather office chair
Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

To nail a Mad Men-style office, look to the ’50s and ’60s for your inspiration. Incorporate sophisticated materials with moody colors. Leather, brass, and wood will do the trick, while unusually-shaped pieces, such as a cantilever office chair, will add to the sultry vibes. Don’t forget to check out our ultimate midcentury desk roundup for major retro inspo, too!

Southwestern Home Office

Southwestern and desert-style are all about celebrating natural materials and original details in order to create a warm and soothing space, which makes it perfect for an office. And here’s our mantra: The more wood, the better. Consider exposing the room’s architectural details if you’re lucky enough to have them (think wooden beams), but also bear in mind that rustic furniture, vintage pieces, and a whole lot of sheepskin can bring your Southwestern work spot to life.

Industrial Home Office

Home Office Style Ideas industrial home office with metal drawers and cabinets
Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

With function and efficiency both at the forefront of office design, it’s no surprise that many look towards the industrial aesthetic when they need a functional place to work. Use raw materials such as concrete, metal, and wooden touches to incorporate a warehouse vibe into your space.

Eclectic Home Office

If you have multiple signature styles, an eclectic home office might be right for you. Go bold with your color palette (maybe paint a wall black), and don’t be afraid to add luxe touches. Mix and match textures and patterns with the help of furniturewallpaper, and multiple light fixtures to create a space that wows.

Modern Rustic Home Office

We didn’t forget about rustic. If you’re especially into warm, worn woods (think wood floors, a wood desk, and a wood office shelving unit), this is the home office style for you. To keep things from veering too farmhouse though, add a bit of modern metal with your light fixtures or desk accents.


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