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Black living room ideas – 10 inspiring ways to decorate with this dark and dramatic color

by Monika Bürger

Daring and decadent, black living room ideas can be difficult to get right, but once mastered, they can add elegant confidence to your space like no other color.
A black decorating scheme is a brave choice, as it requires careful editing and a strong design eye. This type of interior can also appear ‘flat’ if you don’t introduce texture and subtle tonal variety. But put together carefully, it’s a great way to add drama and style.


Whether you’re keen to make a stylish statement or you simply want to add a touch of drama to enhance your space, we’ve gathered the best black living room ideas for you.


Black living room with monochrome wallpaper
(Image credit: Lisa Cohen / Future)

Wallpaper is a wonderful way to add color, pattern, and interest to your interiors. Whether you have a snug, or a tiny home with a smaller, darker living room, you can add serious impact with the right choice of wallpaper.

When selecting wallpaper for a living room, it’s important to consider how often you will be in the space. You don’t want a pattern that will overwhelm you or a color that you will get quickly tired of. This is where a black-and-white living room color scheme can really come into its own. Opt for a pretty pictorial print to make a real style statement.

IMPORTANT: make sure to order enough panels to cover your wall or surface (size options below). Our peel and stick Wallpaper is easy to apply and take off, leaving no adhesive residue. Featuring sharp, vibrant images, Wallpaper patterns are ideal for accent walls, flat surfaces and temporary installations (like parties!). Available in three floor-to-ceiling sizes.

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Black living room with black wooden flooring
(Image credit: Paul Raeside / Future)

Recreate the refined elegance of grand Parisian apartments by decorating with soft muted greys, whites, and black flooring. Walls painted soft grey provide a sophisticated backdrop for this scheme, which artfully balances the black floorboard and white fireplace surround. Blocks of bold color, in the form of an armchair and artwork, add interest and personality to the modern look.

Add throw pillows to whatever room needs an extra dose of comfy. Filled with a fluffy faux-down insert, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. Available in four sizes and all measurements are made without pillow insert.

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Black living room with white walls and black door and window frames
(Image credit: James Merrell / Future)

When deciding on living room paint color ideas, go for a neutral base. Treat black as an accent color only to add definition, structure, and a sophisticated edge to your living. Stick to black flooring, lighting, and accessories only to stop it from feeling too dominant. 

If painting your walls feels a step too far, consider painting all your woodwork, including doors, architraves, and windows in black instead, says Patrick O’Donnell, Farrow & Ball’s Brand Ambassador. ‘Dark woodwork will frame walls beautifully and is an incredibly sophisticated compromise.’

Express your style all over your home with a feature-worthy rug. They’re made from a woven, polyester chenille for a soft and textured look. Plus, choosing from our wide array of designs, you’re sure to find just the rug to match your decor. Rugs are one of the best, attention-grabbing pieces to design a room around. Use the colors within the rug to help choose art prints, furniture fabric, and accent pillows.

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Black living room with velvet sofa
(Image credit: Neptune)

Be brave and use the color on all four walls – even the skirting. Including the woodwork will elongate your wall height and draw less attention to a sharp contrast of the traditional white trim. 

Whilst dark colors tend to advance (close in), black has the magical quality of infinity, which means you are less aware of room proportions,’ explains O’Donnell. 

If going for an all-over black color scheme is just too daunting, then a grey living room color scheme will have a similar effect.

Find somewhere soft to land. Our floor cushions are the super comfy and style-forward option for the boho side of us all. They’re UV coated to protect against fading and water-resistant so you can avoid scrambling to bring them inside whenever there’s a touch of weather. Grab a few to have on hand whenever seating is hard to come by or for a fun option for kids to use out in the yard.

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Black living room with pink sofa and bookcase
(Image credit: Frenchie Cristogatin / Future)

Decorating with an all-over black decorating scheme requires an element of bravery, but get it right, and your space will reward you. Painting your living room (including the ceiling) black is a brilliant way to create a cocooning space that is sharp yet cozy.

By incorporate contrasting colors – such as vivid pink and acid green – a dark living room will look all the more striking.

Our customers tell us ALL the time how soft and warm our Throw Blankets are (the secret: Sherpa fleece). Even better, they get softer the more you wash them. They’re a perfect addition to any living room couch. Featuring a crisp, vivid design on the front with a reverse white side.

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Black living room with brown leather sofa
(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

A black and white decorating scheme is a brave choice, as it requires careful editing and a strong design eye. Take inspiration from Scandinavian design philosophy by introducing layers of textural elements. 

Tone and texture are vital components in getting this look right – remember that the most successful monochrome interiors combine movement and depth with tactile pieces to create an interesting narrative.

Square now means trendy and stylish. (We’ve updated Wikipedia and have word out to Merriam Webster… they’re getting back to us.) With our wood wall art’s multi-square design, you have the power to adjust the spacing between each section to form exactly the right look. Available in three sizes.

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Living room seating ideas with vintage furniture
(Image credit: Future / Alicia Taylor)

Monochrome interiors can work especially well in period homes, where a one-tone canvas serves to highlight and complement original features. A contemporary combination of walls and black paintwork, mixed with traditional fixtures and furniture means this predominantly black living room has a clean, up-to-date feel that will continue to look stylish for years to come. 

From sideshow to show-stopper, our side tables will be a stunning modern accent to your space. Selecting from our wide array of artist’s designs printed with a satin finish on birch wood, you’ll take any room from zero to a hundred. Available in a square or round table top, and black or gold leg colors.

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Dark living room ideas with symmetrical seating
(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

A black or grey color palette works best when you keep the room simple – and the arrangements orderly. Symmetry is an interior design trick used to create smart-looking rooms – and it’s perfect for small spaces. Get symmetry right in a black living room and you can create a sense of harmony – and make small spaces feel bigger and tidier.

Invite the sun inside on your terms. Our blackout window curtains are a denser alternative to your standard window curtain, blocking out most light and proudly featuring your favorite designs. Whether you live in a busy apartment or a peaceful neighborhood, it’s always nice to have the option to shut out the sun and relax inside by candlelight. Available in either single or double panel options.

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Dark living room ideas with 60-30-10 rule
(Image credit: Future / Lisa Cohen)

Yellow’s reputation as a fresh and lively sunny color means it is often overlooked for living room color schemes, but when paired with black it is a combination that really sings out in a contemporary setting.

Yellow inspires optimism, creating a summery feel; team it with charcoal and black for a modern look. This color is fantastic when mixed with crisp white or warm wood furniture, this spectrum of sunny shades looks great with an additional contrast color such as grey, black, or duck egg blue.

As experts in the field of sitting down, we thoughtfully crafted our Floor Pillows to be overstuffed, plush and firm. These cushions never lose their shape, and the high-quality print makes sure the design stays crisp and colorful.

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Grey living room ideas
(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

Black can be an incredibly glamorous and sophisticated choice for a living room,’ says Patrick O’Donnell, Farrow & Ball’s Brand Ambassador. ‘Something as dark as this can create a cozy and intimate space through to full-blown elegance. Ideal if your room is starved of natural light as it will lend itself to the disadvantages of aspect.’

If an all-black scheme is too daunting, then blonde wood is a brilliant way to stop a black-and-white scheme from looking too clinical – and in fact, can create that serene Scandinavian finish that is so enduringly popular.

Add throw pillows to whatever room needs an extra dose of comfy. Filled with a fluffy faux-down insert, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. Available in four sizes and all measurements are made without pillow insert.

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The beauty of a black living room color scheme is that it will go with just about any other color. Decorating with black gives you the blank canvas you need to add in either splash of bright color, warmth with natural materials, such as wood, or texture in rugs, throws, and other textiles. 

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