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Bedroom wallpaper trends – 10 latest looks for bedroom wallpaper

by Monika Bürger

When it comes to bedroom wallpaper trends, things are certainly looking serene, tranquil, and calming. And it’s no surprise considering the tumultuous period we’ve experienced recently.

Beautiful botanicals, soporific hues, and Japandi influences are three trends that work to create a reposeful retreat – and are a great place to start if you are looking for restful bedroom ideas.

Abby Hesketh, the Color Expert at Graham & Brown, says: ‘In a space as personal as the bedroom it is important to choose colors that are reflective of your personality. That being said we are expecting to see more blues and greens creeping into the bedroom color scheme. This is because green is generally considered the most restful color for the eye and is associated with the calming qualities of nature.’

Lyndsay Snodgrass, an expert over at Lime Lace, agrees that green is big into 2022, as well as plenty of florals, saying: ‘Bedroom décor is such a personal thing. Some people opt for dark and cozy, a place to curl up and feel safe, others prefer to create a light and airy sanctuary.

When it comes to bedroom wallpaper trends, floral and botanical prints are going to be even bigger in 2022. There are so many fabulous designs to choose from in both light and dark color schemes. We personally love shades of green as they can bring a sense of relaxing calm and serenity to your space. Psychologists say that the color green can convey a feeling of being safe and secure – perfect for promoting a good night’s sleep.’

However, if you’re more of a maximalist, bolder colors that spark joy are also making an appearance in wallpaper trends for bedrooms – as we show below.

Bedroom trends, not just for wallpaper, come and go, so it’s always worth bearing in mind that this most personal of space should be decorated for you alone, whether it’s fashionable or not. The bedroom wallpaper trends below are this year’s hottest looks – but we’ve carefully chosen only timeless, classic designs that won’t date.


retro brown wallpaper in the bedroom on the ceiling, Graham & Brown
(Image credit: Graham & Brown)

Before we even begin to talk about bedroom wall decor ideas, we’re going to talk about the biggest and most surprising of bedroom wallpaper trends to become really popular – again – in the past few months.

Yes, using the ceiling to add pattern or color is very fashionable.

In most rooms, the ceiling is a surface that is often overlooked, but when highlighted with wallpaper or paint, the eye is drawn upward, unlocking the full potential of the room, which is incredibly important in a room where we spend a lot of time looking upwards,‘ says Paula Taylor, Head Stylist and Trend Specialist at Graham & Brown.

A single plane of uninterrupted color is extremely soothing to the eye; dark tones create the illusion of infinite space and add a touch of drama; warm hues on the walls and ceiling work well in south-facing rooms, absorbing and reflecting golden evening light for a rich cloak of enveloping warmth.’

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White wallpaper with small trees growing up with plenty of colored plants and leaves
(Image credit: Little Greene)

Bedroom wallpaper ideas are largely dominated by the colors of nature in 2022. And for good reason: green and blue evoke a sense of calm and security when used in interior design, and are both perfect for the bedroom.

Abby Hesketh, the Color Expert at Graham & Brown, says: ‘Green symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and generally makes people feel emotionally safe. We know that introducing elements of nature within the home improves mental health so using green can increase positivity and wellbeing

Similarly, blue is among the most calming colors as it relaxes the mind and even slows down the heart rate and blood pressure. Lighter shades of blue are linked to tranquillity, bliss, and healing whilst a deeper shade of blue will evoke feelings of elegance, wisdom, and courage. The color blue creates an oasis of calm and serenity in an otherwise demanding and hectic world.’

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A bedroom with green-blue bed linen and a mural-like wallpaper covered in trees
(Image credit: Future/Michael Sinclair)

If there’s one particular shade of green you should use, make it sage. ‘One of the current bedroom wallpaper trends that everyone can’t get enough of is the color sage green,’ says Amy Hillary, interiors expert at Wall Sauce. ‘A hue that evokes images of the outdoors, this tone of green is perfect for creating a sense of stillness and serenity in your pretty boudoir.

Because this tone is subtle, it means that you can go big and bold with green bedroom accent wall ideas rather than just a repeat pattern wallpaper. From abstract watercolor florals, stylish terrazzos, exotic jungles with a Chinoiserie twist, and vintage botanicals designed by the renowned Morris & Co.’

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Dark blue wallpaper with small patches of flowers with pops of colors
(Image credit: Little Greene)

As well as sage green, the cottage come trend continues to be a firm favorite when it comes to bedroom wallpaper trends.

It’s all about embracing the outdoors by incorporating natural elements into the room such as a flower wallpaper,’ says Amy Hillary. ‘Stick to neutral and calming tones so that there is a natural feel to the wallpaper rather than bold and bright shades.’

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marble effect bedroom wallpaper by Dowsing & Reynolds
(Image credit: Dowsing & Reynolds)

As well as beautiful botanicals, nature-inspired wallpaper of all kinds is having a moment.

Connor Prestwood, the interior designer at home décor brand Dowsing & Reynolds, says: ‘More of us are making conscious efforts to becoming sustainable and living a greener life, and this paired with findings into biophilia’s positive impact on our mental wellbeing, we’re seeing increases in homeowners bringing greenery and natural textures into their homes

The bedroom, in particular, is a place where we see these bedroom wallpaper trends the most. As it’s a place we relax in, it’s only natural to want to connect with nature and create a place in which to retreat and recharge, often using botanical and even marble stone-effect wallpapers.’

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tropical botanical wallpaper in the bedroom by Dowsing & Reynolds
(Image credit: Dowsing & Reynolds)

One for fans of bolder hues, the botanical trend doesn’t have to stick to a pared-back cottagecore style. If you’re looking for something more vibrant, then tropical botanicals are a great inspiration.

Tropical, botanical, and jungle-Esque wallpaper patterns are finding their way into our homes and I believe this is down to our current state of living, says Connor Prestwood. ‘I advise people to choose décor that connects with them personally, rather than following trends too rigidly. But jungle-themed prints are certainly popular; perhaps our minds are subconsciously reaching for that holiday we’ve all been missing out on the past year.

Abundant with forests, leaf motifs, jungle, and palm spring vibes, these prints featuring exotic plants, animals and birds are perfect for bringing the outside in and creating a haven of paradise in your own home.

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Leopard print wallpaper by Lime Lace
(Image credit: Lime Lace)

Another of the braver bedroom wallpaper trends that will appeal to maximalists is the allure of animal print.

Lucy St George, Co-founder of Rockett St George, says: ‘Wild animal print wallpapers made a comeback a few years ago and the trend has continued to appear in homes in unique and unexpected ways; perfect for the maximalists among us. You can use a printed wallpaper on every wall, to line your chest of drawers or even on the ceiling to create a contrast between your chosen wall color.’

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renaissance style floral wallpaper mindthegap
(Image credit: Mindthegap)

Make a bold statement with Renaissance-style florals for an impactful aesthetic that also harnesses the joy of nature in a vibrant way.

Renaissance-inspired supersized florals are a dark, romantic, and dramatic backdrop, which add immediate impact and personality to your rooms,’ says Connor Prestwood. ‘One for the brave!

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A bedroom with a floor to ceiling window next to a black and white floral wall mural
(Image credit: Emma Green Designs)

An easy trend to make a big impact, wallpaper murals are the new feature wall. And you can choose from almost any scene you like.

Connor Prestwood says: ‘Very popular at the moment, murals come in all kinds of beautiful styles – from architecture and trompe l’oeil effects to dramatic florals, metropolitan city skylines and misty landscapes.’

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abstract zebra print bedroom wallpaper by mindthegap
(Image credit: Mindthegap)

The abstract is a wallpaper trend that allows you to easily add patterns and to your space.

A micro-trend in the abstract category is beautiful tribal influences, and a more graphic animal print trend, with cool and exotic Zebra prints (above) emerging as funky yet stylish options.

Connor Prestwood says: ‘These are the statement makers. The ones that form the beginnings of your room’s theme and usually work best if you have simple furniture in uncomplicated shapes and patterns.’

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