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8 Simple Bohemian Hallway Ideas That Work Even if You Don’t Love a Lot of Color

by Monika Bürger
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The mere mention of boho home decor instantly conjures up images of a free-spirited, laid-back space that relies more on flow than structure. Typically, the hippie-inspired aesthetic involves a rich color scheme (think teal, rust orange, and ochre), handmade or handwoven decorative items, mixed patterns, comfy throws, and vibrant pillows. There may also be DIY accessories, mosaic or Moroccan-influenced tiles, and plants galore.

You can even combine bohemian accents with other styles like traditional, vintage eclectic, and minimalism. In fact, boho decor tempered with simplicity can be just as impactful. And even tiny spaces and passageways can handle this kind of flair, so we collected eight simple bohemian hallway design ideas that nail the look.

Whether your hall leads to the front door or a bedroom, we’ve got you covered.

1. Go with a macrame pendant light.

Bohemian Hallway macrame pendant lighting
Image Credit: Kate Lester Interiors

Make yourself and your guests feel right at home by decorating your main hall or entryway with macrame pendant lighting. It will give off the natural, cozy feeling that bohemian style is known for. And the intricately woven design can create a subtle air of sophistication.

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2. Turn your hallway into a haven for plants.

Bohemian Hallway plants
Image Credit: Stephen Paul for Hunker

Boho lovers tend to own a ​lot​ of plants, and if you think these greenies won’t work in a hallway makeover, think again. Though often scarce on light, halls can be perfect for the virtually unkillable variety of houseplants (we like a trailing Pothos or snake plant). So feel free to hang a hardy option in a wooden plant hanger or display it on a wall-mounted shelf where it will add beauty and life to your interior design.

3. Mount a wall hanging.

Bohemian Hallway Macrame wall hanging
Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Looking for a place to display your DIY macrame wall hanging? Place it in a hallway that opens to your bedroom, so you can see it all the time and admire your work. The wall piece can subtlely introduce a boho decor idea in a small space. And these chic, earthy accessories offer a creative way to infuse energy if things feel bland.

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4. Hang peg rails.

Bohemian Hallway peg rails
Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse for Hunker

Hang a peg rail for a simple yet stylish way to bring the boho aesthetic to your hallway. Get the natural look shown here by placing an entry bench and round wicker or rattan side table right below the pegs. Then use accents like a pillow and a throw blanket with mixed patterns to polish the look.

5. Overload on woven accessories.

Bohemian Hallway woven baskets
Image Credit: Chango & Co.

To amp up the earthy vibes in your place, we recommend another boho-chic staple — gorgeous woven items like the oversized baskets in this entry hall design from Chango & Co. They can either be used for storage purposes or for simply enhancing the laid-back aesthetic. Finish things off with some greenery and a large wall painting.

6. Use floral wallpaper.

Bohemian Hallway floral wallpaper
Image Credit: Heidi Caillier Design

To guarantee that your hallway absolutely oozes vintage bohemian vibes, go with floral wallpaper. This Heidi Caillier design is a beautiful example. We love the pairing of sweet wallpaper with a printed lampshade for ultimate pattern-mixing. And the small potted plant and woven keepsake box are the best final touches.

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7. Design a gallery wall.

Bohemian Hallway gallery wall
Image Credit: Studio McGee

If we had to pick a bohemian hallway to explore, this super creative one by Studio McGee would be the go-to spot. Without a doubt, the main draw is the lovely gallery wall filled with frames of varying sizes and textures. Enhancing the boho-chic vibes are the colorful runner, the herringbone wood floors, and the long, striped pillow.

8. Add a vibrant runner.

Bohemian hallway vibrant runner
Image Credit: Katie Marker Interiors

If you crave just a simple bohemian touch in a hall that leans traditional, go with a vibrant runner. Take this space from Kate Marker Interiors — the floor textile adds interest to the neutral color palette. The layered brown hues and natural-toned wood flooring keep everything light and airy, while the bold rug makes the area feel unique. Recreate this look by accentuating light-hued wood floors with a Moroccan runner.

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