Boho chic style is one of the most popular styles currently and if you love it and wanna pull it off, enjoy roundups in this blog – we gather amazing ideas regularly. Today’s roundup is dedicated to boho chic living rooms, let’s enjoy this beauty!

Colors And Textures

Boho chic style is all about neutrals and muted and earthy shades – mix them up as you please. You may drop in some black touches for a bit of drama and contrast. If you are going gypsy, prefer bright and bolder colors – as many as you want. Then go for prints – folksy and wild ones, they may be added in various ways – with artworks, pillows, rugs, upholstery, and other stuff. Bring in textures: faux fur, wood, wicker, rattan, and other kinds of wood, they will make your space cooler and bolder and you’ll avoid any boring looks.

A Boho Chic Living Room With a Printed Rug and Pillows, a Macrame Hanging, Potted Plants, and Jute Ottomans.

A Boho Chic Living Space With a Surfboard, Rattan Furniture, a Wood Slice Coffee Table, and Potted Greenery and Cacti.

A Boho Living Room With Folksy Artworks and Pillows, Leather and Velvet Moroccans, Potted Plants, and a Comfy Sofa.

A Boho Space With a Rust Velvet Sofa, Boho Rugs and Moroccans, Floor Lamps, and Potted Plants.

A Boho Space With Boho Rugs and Pillows, Branch Hangings, a Mirror, a Glass Coffee Table, and Potted Plants

A Bold Boho Living Room With Printed Textiles Touches of Wicker and Jute, and a Stylish Black and White Gallery Wall.

A Bright Boho Space With Colorful Moroccans, Pillows, a Rattan Chair, Wicker Lamps, a Bold Gallery Wall, and Potted Plants.

A Bright Moroccan Living Room With a Rust Leather Sofa, Rattan Chairs, Potted Plants, and Moroccan Lamps.


The furniture can be different: more casual for a calmer look or wild and boho for a bolder look. think of adding vintage items, carved wooden furniture, and metal coffee tables with catchy tabletops, inlays, and bold detailing. Don’t forget leather ottomans in Moroccan style or Moroccan wedding blanket ottomans for adding an Eastern feel to the space. Go for rattan and wicker, they will bring an outdoor feel to the space.

A Colorful Boho Living Room With Bright Lampshades, Pink Walls, Boho Rugs, and Pillows, and a Hammered Metal Coffee Table.

A Colorful Boho Living Space With a Black Brick-clad Sofa, a Leather Chair, Boho Moroccans Poufs and Pillows, a Chandelier, and Bright Artwork.

A Colorful Boho Living Space With a Macrame Hanging, a Boho Rug and Pillows, Potted Greenery, and Neutral Furniture.

A Colorful Gypsy Living Room With a Conversation Zone, Boho Pillows and Blankets, Potted Greenery, and a Lamp.

A Colorful Retro Boho Meets Mid-century Modern Living Room With Folksy Rugs and Pillows, Wicker Touches, Potted Cacti, and Succulents.

A Gorgeous Boho Living Room With Boho Rugs, Pillows, Faux Fur and Leather, Decorative Baskets, and Potted Greenery.

A Gypsy Boho Living Room With a Peacock Chair, Boho Rugs and Textiles, Catchy Lamps, and Bold Artworks

A Monochrome Boho Living Space With a Washed-out Sofa, Black Vintage Furniture, a Pallet Wood Coffee Table, Folksy Pillows, and Tassels.

Accessories And Decor

Accessories and decor are essential for boho chic decor, so incorporate a lot of them. You may go for decorative wicker plates or baskets, boho printed rugs and pillows, bold artworks, macramé hangings, and wicker lampshades. Don’t skip potted plants, they bring a strong boho feel to the space.

A Moody Boho Living Room With Boho Textiles, a Glass Coffee Table, Bold Upholstery, and a Unique Carved Embellished Asian Door.

A Moroccan Boho Living Room With a Sectional Sofa, Printed Pillows and Rugs, a Large Moroccan Lantern, a Wooden Screen, and a Carved Table.

A Neutral Boho Living Space With a Fringe Lampshade, a Boho Rug, a Carved Wooden Coffee Table, Potted Plants.

A Neutral Gypsy Space With Macrame Boho Pillows Rugs and Moroccan Poufs a Fringe Lamp and Boho Lamps.

A Small Boho Living Room With a Sectional Sofa, Printed Pillows and Rugs, a Wicker Lampshade, Lights, and a Gallery Wall.

A Stylish Boho Living Room With a Neutral Sofa, a Printed Rug, a Gallery Wall Featuring Artworks and Decorative Plates.

A Whitewashed Boho Living Room With Shabby Whitewashed Furniture, Jute and Rattan Items, Baskets, and Candle Lanterns.

An Elegant Boho Living Room With Rattan and Wood Furniture, Boho Rugs and Pillows, Planters in Macrame Hangers, and a Macrame Hanging on the Wall.

An Epic Gypsy Living Room With Dark Embroidered Furniture, Pendant Lamps, a Fireplace, Boho Pillows, and Artworks.

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