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11 Trends to Watch in 2022, According to Pinterest

by Monika Bürger

Pinterest isn’t just where you go to get ideas for everything from throwing a baby shower to DIYing kitchen accessories. The platform of ideas, inspiration, and shopping is also a trend spotter. Every year, Pinterest releases a report of what they expect will be everywhere in the following year. Of their 2021 predictions, over 80% of the trends identified really did have a moment in the spotlight.

Take a look at their 2022 predictions for what you’ll be seeing everywhere in the home space.

1. Bursting with Color

When pink became neutral, it was only a matter of time before the rest of the color wheel followed. This trend will originate with clothing, but you can be sure it’ll expand out of your wardrobe and into the rest of your home. Eclectic art and bold décor in bright colors will mix with statement lighting, colorful walls, and fun accents.

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2. Clock It To Me

It’s about time clocks were in style (pun intended). From the wrist to the washroom, clocks will be everywhere. Searches for watch collection display are up 65% on Pinterest, and oversized clock wall decor searches are up 7x higher than last year.

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3. Make Room for Pets

Pet owners became pet parents, and now the fur babies need rooms of their own. Pinterest searches are increasing for cat house design (up 4x), luxury dog room (up 115%), and luxury cat room (up 3x). After all, if you love your dog like a member of the family, why not give them a dedicated space of their own?

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4. Handle the Curve

The organic lines and shapes that took center stage in 2021 will continue to headline in 2022. Look for curved furniture, curved walls, and round pool deck ideas. Even the most classic established items in the home space will get curvy. The kitchen island and bar? Curved. According to Pinterest, pinners of many ages (Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials) will drive this trend.

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5. Going Goth

goth room
 @victoriasabode / Instagram

While Pinterest predicts that plenty of people will be wearing goth workwear and accessories in 2022, they also envision the trend rolling over into the home space: goth kitchen decor, goth home decorations, goth Christmas tree—you name it and it’ll be goth.

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6. Space for Emotions

You’ve made room for your emotions mentally, it’s time to make room for them physically. Next year will see the rise of rooms that exist to support mental and emotional wellbeing. Music-themed rooms (up 2x in searches on the platform), crystal rooms (up 8x), and home massage rooms (up 190%) are predicted to enter the mainstream. Don’t have a room at your disposal? Look to the closet. If it can become an office, it can become a tiny home library.

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7. Biophilic Design

biophilic living room
 @martinas_cozy_crib / Instagram

Plant people rejoice! The design principle all about incorporating nature seamlessly into space will be big in 2022. If you own one plant, that isn’t enough. Biophilic design will bring nature into our offices, bedrooms, and stairways. Look out for staircase gardens (up 175% in Pinterest searches) and floral ceilings (up 3x).

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8. Covered in Checkers

Prepare for checkerboard everything. Pinterest expects to see checkers galore, on our clothes and in our home decor. Site searches for checkered rugs are 4x higher what they were last year, and checkered floor tile is up 5x.

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9. Greece is the Word

greek bust and decor
 @sarahlyon9 / Instagram

First, we threw it back to Y2K decor, and we could never forget the resurgence of ‘70’s decor. But nostalgic decorating reaches a whole new level when we throw it back thousands of years to Ancient Greece. Expect to see more Greek statue art, Corinthian columns, and Aphrodite-inspired items.

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10. Lake House Vibes

Forget the trip to Cabo or Martha’s Vineyard—you’ll have the lake on your mind in 2022, at least according to Pinterest. People will be designing lake home plans (searches up 40%) and channeling that carefree, forever-young summer lake aesthetic (up 180%).

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11. Little Luxuries

little luxury laundry room

If you don’t feel like getting a taste of luxury at a hotel or gorgeous restaurant, you’ll make your own room for luxury at home. From luxury laundry room ideas (up 11x in searches on Pinterest) to luxury garage interiors (up 5x in search), little spaces will become special spots.

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