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11 Boho Balcony Ideas That Are Staycation Goals

by Monika Bürger
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When it comes to our homes, it’s not hard to spend countless hours thinking about ways to deck out every little nook and cranny — everything except a tiny piece of square footage commonly known as the balcony. Unfortunately, this small veranda has a tendency to get overlooked, living out a sad lonely life as an overflow storage space.

But if our Pinterest and Instagram feed is any indication, underestimating the vast potential of this exterior nook would be a big mistake. From minimalist to modern and every design style in between the possibilities are seemingly endless, but bohemian ideas are without a doubt one of our favorites.

And what’s not to love? Lush green foliage, dreamy texture, intricate patterns, and vibrant colors all come together to transform a tiny box into a magical oasis. Suddenly, an area of your home that you barely noticed, becomes a staycation getaway. Ready to transform your space?
Scroll on for 11 boho balcony ideas that are simply paradise.

1. Inject Southwestern vibes.

Nikki and Steve from Cottage + Sea have the right idea. With the help of a fringe umbrella, loveseat, rattan side table, and area rug, they turned their California balcony into a cozy refuge perfect for basking in the warmth of the sun. Throw in a couple of Southwestern motifs, an equitable chair, and some desert greenery and this little hideaway is ready for its close-up.

2. Have fun with color.

If there is one place that you can be bold with color, it’s your boho balcony. Follow the lead of this charming setup and weave in warm summer hues, such as terra cotta and mustard yellow, for a vibrant punch. Pair with natural materials like rattan for added texture, and complete the look with black accents for a hint of drama and contrast.

3. DIY a wood pallet daybed.

You know we have a thing for daybeds, but this wood pallet design takes the cake. Tucked under an eave of the roof, overflowing with throw pillows, this relaxation station is the perfect hideaway to clear your mind and meditate or just enjoy a nice cup of joe while you watch the sunrise. And bonus: This boho balcony idea would make an easy DIY project.

4. Celebrate your love of rattan.

Boho style and rattan pretty much go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that we are smitten with this gorg balcony idea showcasing two rattan lounge chairs and a side table. Chock-full of lush green foliage and woven textures, it’s nearly impossible to tear your eyes away.

5. Mix and match patterns.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to play with multiple patterns, but shied away — well now here’s your big chance. We love the way this boho balcony idea dips its toe in by grounding the space with a large scale-patterned area rug in dark colors. And then takes it to the next level by throwing in a small foot stool to introduce a smaller and lighter pattern. Mission accomplished!

6. Think texture, texture, texture.

This dreamy terrace has all of the texture your heart could desire, and we are so here for it. From embroidered throw pillows, to a pom-pom tasseled throw, to a woven wall hanging … oh my! The boho hits just keep on coming.

7. Make magic in monochrome.

You don’t need an explosion of color to pull off a boho balcony — opt for a monochrome palette instead. This inviting mezzanine is making the most of earthy neutrals, using a variety of textures — including rattan, cane, and bamboo reeds — to keep things interesting. A potted palm and tiny cactus add a hint of color.

8. Hang some lights.

Boho balcony ideas aren’t just good for sunbathing, they also set a beautiful scene for stargazing, too. All you need is an artfully draped strand or two of outdoor string lights and maybe even a couple LED candles. This setup is perfection, even the dog approves.

9. Keep it simple.

Sometimes less really is more. Follow the lead of this pared down escape and invest in a hanging chair, a woven pouf, and some cacti stat. Then the only things left to do are kick off your shoes, pour a glass of wine, sit back, and relax.

10. Go big or go home.

On the other hand, sometimes more is just … more fun. Take this colorful perch for example, it combines the boho style big three: color, pattern, and texture, and it doesn’t hold back. Vibrant jewel-tones, mismatched patterns, plants on plants on plants, and woven textures galore all work together to create this eclectic sanctuary.

11. Surround yourself with greenery.

You can’t have a list of boho balcony ideas and not include at least one that’s covered in greenery, and this urban jungle by blogger Sara Toufali definitely fits the bill. The tiny space is surrounded by a verdant mix of palms, cacti, and just about every other potted plant you can imagine, resulting in a tropical paradise perfect for two.

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